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Source: LinkedIn Talent Trends 2015

70% of the global workforce is passive talent.
Through conventional channels, you only reach a maximum of 30% of talent available – referbility.com changes that through leveraging talent crowdsourcing.

More than 80% of passive talent is open to new opportunities.

But until now, they were so busy working for your competition that they never came across your job posts.
Not anymore.



It’s super easy. Post your jobs for free. Tell us how much you are willing to reward the referrer for the perfect candidate. Receive anonymous referrals from our users, all sorted through our state-of-the-art algorithm. Like a referral? Deposit the reward into an escrow. Get your money back if you don’t hire the referral within three months. Direct applications are free. Did we already mention that we feature a database of all profiles every referred?

Why referbility.com

Free Job Posts

Access to thousands of passive job seekers

No hidden charges - you only pay if you are sure the candidate is the right one

Advanced algorithms to highlight the most relevant profiles

No charge for accessing direct applications

CV database of passive talent

The best candidates in the market are so highly demanded that they do not search job portals for openings or apply directly – simply because great talent is unlikely to be out of a job.

We utilize crowdsourcing to fix this problem – users refer their peers, and get rewarded by us for every successful referral.

Of course, that isn’t all – we also feature high-end algorithms, an extensive database, guaranteed return on investment through our escrow agreement, free direct applications, and so much more. Imagine all the functions of a job board, just better, and free.


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