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About referbility.com

referbility.com is a portal which focusses on public talent crowdsourcing by allowing users to refer people from their network (family, friends, colleagues) to the jobs that are posted by employers. When posting jobs, employers specify how much they are willing to reward a referrer for introducing a profile the employer hires. Successful referrers will be rewarded if their referral is hired by the referrer within 3 months of introduction.

Employers post jobs for free and specify the amount they are willing to reward a referrer for hiring a referral made. Users refer people from their network for free – anyone can register & refer. Persons who have been referred receive an eMail containing a link that has to be clicked within 72 hours in order to confirm their consent to be referred. Once confirmed, the person’s profile appears anonymized (hidden name, telephone number, eMail & CV) and sorted through an algorithm in the employer’s dashboard. If required, employers can initiate a chat with the referrer to answer questions they might have about the profile. Employers who wish to get in touch with the referral do so by revealing the referral’s contact details and CV by funding the specified reward for the job in a secure escrow. If the revealed referral is hired by the employer within three months, or upon the escrow expiring after three months, the referrer will be credited the employer’s reward – otherwise, the reward is returned to the employer. Once received, rewards can then be encashed through bank transfer or direct remittance.


Once you see a job to whom someone in your network is eligible to, simply use the ‘Refer Someone!’ option. You will be asked to provide your referral’s name, contact details, CV, and other general information. The referral’s name, contact details, and CV will be hidden from the employer, so they can only see the remaining information provided by you and whether the profile is suitable for their requirements. Employers might initiate a chat to answer questions they might have regarding the profile. If the employer wants to proceed and contact the person you referred, they have to deposit the reward they specified into a secure escrow. Once they use do so, the name, contact information, and CV of your referral is made available to them, and they have three months to hire your referral. If they do, you are credited 75% of the specified reward into your account and you can then request encashment.

You can refer everyone and anyone you know who is qualified for the posted requirements, and who has agreed to be referred by you.

You can refer unlimited profiles for as many jobs as you want for free.

People who have been referred do not have to pay for anything.

There is no limit on how many referrals you can make. If you feel that several people are qualified for a posted job, you can refer all of them and will be rewarded for each successful referral. There is also no limitation as to how many profiles you can refer per day, week, month, or year.

Everyone you refer will receive an automated email from referbility.com containing a link that has to be clicked within 72 hours in order to proceed with the referral. If the link is not clicked, the referral’s profile will automatically be deleted from referbility.com. In the email, the referred person will be informed about who referred them, which job they have been referred to, which employer posted the job, and the reward you will receive if your referral was successful.

referbility.com uses an internal referrer rating which increases and decreases based on feedback on the profiles you refer. Before referring, you should inform and obtain consent from the person you are about to refer. If a referred person declines being referred, your internal rating will decrease, eventually leading to referrals you make being penalized, severely decreasing the chance of employers to see your referrals.

Each profile you refer will remain active for 30 calendar days from the day of referral, after which they will expire. You will not be eligible for rewards on expired profiles. If the job the profile has been referred to expires or is closed before the lapse of 30 calendar days from the day of the referral, the profile will remain eligible for financial rewards for the remainder of the 30 calendar days.

You can refer candidates that are not in the country or city in which the posted job is located – just fill in the actual location of the candidate in the fill-in fields when referring.

Employers are not able to see any identifying information about the referrer (you).

Profiles you refer should have sufficient information for the employer to understand whether the person is suitable for their role without providing identifying information. Ensure that personal information and contact details are removed from the information visible to employers and consider describing companies instead of naming them (‘the largest hotel chain in the world’; ‘a major European automotive manufacturer’).

Only employers can initiate chats.

You will only be eligible for rewards if the employer deposits their specified reward into the escrow. If you provide the name/contact details (or, for that matter, other details that reveal the identity) of your referred profile and the employer decides not to go forward with revealing the profile, you will not be eligible for a reward.

The employer might initiate a chat for verification purposes, stating the referred person’s name and/or contact information. Please confirm whether the employer has identified the candidate in this case. In case of the employer revealing a profile based on a wrong statement regarding the identity of the referred person, you will not be eligible for a reward.

You are only eligible for a reward if the employer funded the escrow for one of the profiles you have referred. If you provide the employer with the name/contact details of the profile you referred (for instance through the chat), or the employer has sufficient information to identify your referral and decides not to fund the escrow, you will not be eligible for a reward.

You are eligible to receive the reward only if the employer hires your referral within three months of revealing his/her contact information.

You are only eligible for a financial reward if the information provided about the person you referred is reasonably correct. After the employer funds the reward, funds are being held in an escrow account before being credited to your referbility.com account – providing incorrect or fraudulent information will result in the funds not being credited to your referbility.com account, as well as possible further action due to a breach of referbility.com’s terms and conditions.

There is no limitation on how many rewards you can earn or the timeframe in which rewards can be earned. Every time one of your referred profiles gets hired within three months from the date of reveal, you are eligible to a reward.

After the employer funded the escrow to reveal the name and contact information of your referral, funds will be held for a period of 3 months. If the employer hires your referral within this time, or if the escrow expires naturally, you will be credited the reward instantly.

The very moment your reward has been credited you can request encashment.

By default, your whole balance will always be encashed with each request. There is no limit as to how much you can encash per transaction.

We provide the option for bank transfer and direct remittance through Western Union. Please get in touch with us if you would like to use another mode of transfer, which we will consider on a case-to-case basis.

Please use the ‘Request encashment’ option on your dashboard. You will be asked to provide the information we require for the encashment (such as your individual account details).

We are located in the United Arab Emirates and are able to transfer funds to any financial institutions as per the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

As long as each bank account is in your name and the minimum balance per transaction is met, you can specify a new medium of transfer/account number for each encashment request.

You can request for encashment at any time for free. Please note, however, that applicable transfer charges will be borne by you, the recipient of the funds.

We aim to process every request as soon as possible, but please allow for up to one month in case of excruciating circumstances. Please note that we have no control over how long your bank / direct remittance provider requires for internally transferring funds.

You can only encash your rewards to yourself. We only transfer rewards to the name used when your referbility.com account has been created, so the name which has been registered for and the name of the recipient has to match.

You balance will remain active and can be encashed for 2 calendar years from the day it has been credited to your account. Any funds you have not requested to encash within this period will be forfeited after the lapse of 2 calendar years.

You can contact us at any time to have your profile deleted.

Direct applicants

While referbility.com primarily focuses on referrals, we also feature the more traditional route of direct applications, which allow users to apply for jobs that are suitable for them. Simply choose the “Self-Application” option when browsing a job to forward your details to the employer.

Unlike referrals, direct applications are not eligible for rewards.

There are no limitations on how many jobs you can directly apply for.

Direct applications are completely free.

Although employers receive referrals and direct applications in different tabs, referbility.com’s algorithm favors referrals.

Applying for a job that you have been referred to is against referbility.com’s terms and conditions and will result in possible suspension and other actions taken as per our terms and conditions. Furthermore, the person who has referred you, in this case, will not be eligible for rewards.


referbility.com lets you post jobs for free. While you post, you are requested to specify the reward you are willing to pay to a referrer in case you hire a made referral. Once posted, users can refer people in their network to your live jobs. Each submission will be sorted through our algorithm and forwarded to your dashboard, whereas profiles are anonymous – you will be able to see the person’s initials as well as their experience and general career details, but no full name or contact information. You can initiate a chat with the referrer to answer any questions you might have about the profile. You can reveal the name and contact information of received referrals through funding the specified reward into a secure escrow that will only be encashed to the referrer if you hire the referral within three months. After revealing a candidate’s profile, you will be able to see all information and download the CV. Funded rewards will be held in escrow for three months after you revealed the profile, given you ample time to qualify the candidate, raise any grievances or breach of terms and conditions. If no investigation has been requested, the escrow expires, or you confirm hiring the candidate, the referrer will be provided with the reward you have paid into the escrow. If you do not hire the candidate within three months and close the escrow, the funded reward will be returned to your referbility.com dashboard. Apart from referrals, users can also directly apply for jobs you posted, in which case all information is directly viewable by you at no cost.

Posting your jobs on referbility.com is for free.

There is no limitation on the number of jobs you can open – however, please post each job only once at a time. You can always re-post a job once it expired.

Each job you posted will be active for one month from the day you posted it, after which it will automatically expire.

There is no limitation as to how many referrals or direct applications you can receive per job.

We are utilizing a custom-made algorithm that takes into account up to 15 requirements you have posted and calculates the relevancy of each received referral and application with different weightages.

Each time a referrer submits a profile, referbility.com sends an automated email to the referred person containing a link to your job and a verification that has to be accepted within 72 hours to confirm the acceptance of the person to be referred. Only if the link is clicked will the submission appear in your dashboard.

After revealing a profile, you have three months to report any fraudulent submissions, which, depending upon an independent investigation from referbility.com, will result in the used funds immediately being refunded to your referbility.com account.

We are offering the functionality of direct applications to avoid fraudulent referrals. A direct applicant cannot refer him/herself and vice versa.

Yes, you can close jobs at any time for free – simply contact us.

You can re-post unlimited jobs at any time.

Your expired jobs will not be viewable by referrers and candidates, so there will not be any new submissions or applications. You however still can access your expired jobs through your dashboard and view all received submissions and applications, as well as reveal any profiles or initiate chat with referrers.

Yes, in your dashboard, you can view and access all current and previous jobs posted through your account, including the dashboard for received referrals and candidates for each job.

Expired jobs will remain accessible in your dashboard for 2 years from the date of expiry.

Our CV database provides access, unlike other job portals, not only the profiles of active job seekers but to all profiles that have been referred through referbility.com’s referrers. One month after a profile has been referred on referbility.com and passed authorization, it will be available in our CV database.

Simply top up your referbility.com account through contacting us . Once your funds have been credited, you can access all paid services.

There is no limit regarding the number of CVs you can access and download throughout the period of your database credit granting access to the database.

You can purchase credits through the “Buy Credits” options on your dashboard. Select the type of credit and package you would like to purchase before conveniently paying with your credit card.

Funds which are added to your referbility.com account and can be used at your discretion – you can use as many (or as few) as you would like and save them for later use.

Credits are added to your referbility.com account and can be used at your discretion – you can use as many (or as few) as you would like, and save them for later use.

We are happy to assist you in encashing your unused funds against a charge of 3.5% + applicable transfer charges per transaction request. Please contact us in case you wish to encash your funds.

You can contact us at any time to have your profile deleted.