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Talent Crowdsourcing

Employers need the best talent imaginable to succeed. And candidates need the best employers to build a meaningful career. But how do they meet?

This is where you come in. You know great, talented people. Employers want to hire them. We enable you to monetize your network through referring them.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: you make a second income, your friends get access to great jobs without the usual hassle, and employers hire the best talent imaginable.

Welcome to the future of recruitment:

Public Talent Crowdsourcing

How it works


Check for available jobs & their respective rewards. Found a good one? Refer a friend!


Provide the details of your referral by filling in our simple referral form.


Your referral receives an email with a request to verify their acceptance of being referred.


Our account managers share your referral's profile with the employer. If the employer hires, they're funding your reward into a secure 3-month escrow.


Upon the expiry of the escrow, you can request encashment of your reward through brank transfer.


You're your own boss

No commitments from your side - you decide which jobs you would like to refer to.

A second income

With our lucrative rewards, you can make several thousand US dollars every month.

Secure escrows

We utilize holding accounts to ensure you get paid for successful referrals.

Innovative platform

Purpose-built with referrers in mind, we offer an intuitive experience that keeps you always informed.

Easy encashment

We encash your rewards conveniently and swiftly directly on your bank account.

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